what we do

Help insurance companies and boat owners cut the cost of repairs and claim payments by as much as 50%. We do this by setting up an auction and seeking out bids from numerous repair or salvage shops, making sure that you get the best deal available, not just the first deal thrown at you by a marine surveyor.

Even better, by participating in the auction system, boat owners and insurance companies dramatically reduce the risk that cost-overruns, fraud, or bad surveyor estimates that end up resulting in litigation.

Marine Bid Exchange only uses licensed, world-class engineers with decades of experiences working on the most complex problems. Our licensed engineers are so highly respected that when things go wrong for other surveyors, we get the call to appear in court as the subject matter experts.

So let us use our experience to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

our process

1. You tell us about a vessel that needs repair.

2. We send licensed engineers to perform a comprehensive analysis of the damage, and photograph even the smallest damage-points to make it easy for mechanics to decide what they’re willing to fix the vessel for.

3. We solicit bids from both repair shops and salvage shops.

4. Sit back and let the market do its work – bringing you the lowest possible offer, without paying a dime.

If there is a successful bid that you are happy with, then Marine Bid Exchange will take an agreed upon percentage of the accepted offer. In our experience, our fee ends up being roughly 7% of the money you save by working with us, and if you don’t accept an offer – we don’t earn a dime.

Contact us now at contactus@marinebidexchange.com to learn more about our process. It costs you nothing, and you just might save a ton.